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Stamp | Trust Yourself


Stamp | Trust Yourself

★ Size design: ca. 9 x 51 mm
This stamp is made of coated beechwood and premium laser cut rubber which is mounted on a rubber-foam layer.

quot;Caution. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts!quot;

★ Copyright Perlenfischer
Third parties are not allowed to copy the stamps and their motifs for any commercial purposes,
duplication, distribution or any other commercial use.

★ Only the stamp mentioned in the title is included in the purchase price, not the additional stamps or examples shown. These are for inspiration only.

Stamping is, for us, the great love of small things. Magically you can tell a simple story through whimiscal graphics and easily turn a piece of paper into something special.

★ About us | More than 10 years ago we started our stamp adventure in Frankfurt am Main. The idea for just one stamp has has now evolved to more than 600 motifs sold worldwide. We design our stamps with a lot of passion and love for detail. We use beech wood from local forests and produce with German manufacturers. Twice a year we bring out a new collection to add more building blocks and combination possibilities to the world of Perlenfischer. In this way, an infinite number of individual picture worlds can be created. You don#39;t need years of practice for the stamp craft, just some imagination and joy in creating. Take the time for yourself and discover your

★ Cleaning: How to clean our stamps: To give your stamp a long life, please clean it after each time you use it with a damp cloth.

★ For the perfect print we use our perlenfischer pigment inks :
Our pigment stamp pads are very rich in color pigments and therefore particularly opaque. They have a very good lightfastness, so that your artwork will last for a long time.
It#39;s perfect to use them for bullet journaling

★ If you are looking for sets. Please look here
Every set has it#39;s own theme. It contains everything you need for making the perfect card or hang tag. Stamps, ink pads, paper ...

★ To see more items in my shop, visit:

★ Check us out:
FACEBOOK // www.facebook.com/perlenfischer
INSTAGRAM // instagram.com/perlenfischer


Stamp | Trust Yourself

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