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Corner Tree Bookshelves Unique Book stand Special price Bookcase sale Rustic

Corner Tree Bookshelves, Unique Rustic Tree Bookcase, Book stand


Corner Tree Bookshelves, Unique Rustic Tree Bookcase, Book stand

➽ Tree Branch Models
➽ %100 Handmade
➽ High Quality Reclaimed Wood
➽ More Color Options
➽ I serve you with many tree library models that I have produced.
➽ I only produce wooden bookshelves.
➽ If you have different designs, you can send me a message and get a price quote.
➽ All my products are sent as disassembled.
➽ Necessary directions for installation are included in the package.
➽ Necessary screws are included in the package.
➽ The accessories in the pictures are for decoration purposes. It is not sent.

? Tree Bookcase
Decorative wooden tree bookcases provide a unique look for your homes. It is very suitable for rustic and farmhouse decoration. It is produced using trees that have lost their life. Recycled wood is used. These libraries, which make you feel the nature at home, are produced in approximately 2 weeks. It is not a factory product. I take recycled wood and shape it for you. Wood libraries can also be made in different sizes. You can message me if you need different sizes. I can produce any size. Since I produce these products myself, there are plenty of options both in size and color. If you want a different color than the options in the options, you can also send me a message.
Tree Branch Library Model
Let#39;s choose the best library for your home together. Let#39;s decorate your comfort zone together.
Tree Branch Bookcase is completely disassembled. You will connect the branches by screwing them in the marked places and hang them on the wall. Screws are included in the package.
These bookcase models, which I made inspired by trees, are made of wood. The wood used is dead wood. They are recycled trees. Pine wood is used. You can write to me if you want different sizes and shapes. I also produce according to special sizes and shapes.
Who would want a messy library with no style? Here are a few suggestions that will make your library look nice…
Start filling the shelves from the bottom up. Place your tallest and heaviest books on the bottom shelf. On the next shelf, you can put covered storage boxes in which you can put your belongings such as paper, TV remote control and DVD.
The middle shelf series is ideal for storing books, travel guides or book collections by your favorite authors. You can use heavy objects such as vases to keep your books upright.
You can symmetrically place several accessories such as vases, statues and candle holders on the next shelf.
On the upper shelf, you can put your thin kits that do not weigh too much and balance the look.
Bookcases have been one of the most preferred accessories of home decoration for many years. When technology was not so widespread, our bookshelves, where we list the great encyclopedias we use in our homes, were generally positioned in bedrooms or young rooms in home decorations of those times. But later on, books and books that were included in all areas of life, especially by bookworms, began to take their places in homes, living rooms and halls. Let#39;s examine all of the questions of bookcases, which are the most colorful accessories of home decorations nowadays, such as quot;how to position them in homes and what should be considered when choosing a bookcasequot;, in the rest of our article.
There are certain things we should pay attention to when choosing our libraries. Especially if you have a large book archive and it is thought that you will choose a suitable library, it should not be forgotten that your library should be purchased in accordance with certain attention options as it is located in one of the most used areas of the house. Because unconsciously purchased bookshelves can damage the books and cause a negative appearance in the integrity of the home decoration, which can lead to aesthetic images.
How Can You Make Your Library More Cool?
After bringing the library you have chosen to your home and placing it, you can make that area more charming and more energetic with the little touches you will make. You can allocate that space to yourself as a study area or a book reading area. For example, you can make the area where your library is located more innocent and natural with different wallpapers, and at the same time, you can make your reading and research hours more efficient with the armchairs and table lamps you will put in that area.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Library
. First of all, when choosing a library, the first thing you should pay attention to should be where you will put your library. After evaluating the location of your home and the bookcase size you need, it will be more beneficial for you to make the purchase. Because if you have a large book archive, the library you will buy should also be this big.

. Another thing you should pay attention to is that the library you choose is compatible with other furniture. For example, if your home has a modern decoration, the library you choose should be in this style. In this way, you can provide integrity in your home decoration and not spoil the general mood.
. When choosing your library, you need to pay attention to what material it is made of. Wood and metal, which have been used in bookcase constructions recently, should be your first choice. Because the wood and metals, which are not affected by any external effects, will protect your books from dampness for a long time and will create a more natural atmosphere in your home decoration.
. After placing your archive in the library, you may want to support your library with products such as vases and photographs and get a more elegant look. For this reason, your library can be completely shelved according to your preference. In this way, you can both get a more classy look and keep the photos of your loved ones always in front of your eyes.
Our books are undoubtedly the materials of our houses that should be kept with the most care. It is very difficult to preserve books without shelves and bookshelves, which will facilitate the protection and maintenance and allow us to reach easily whenever we call. For this reason, we should approach the selection of bookshelves and shelves more carefully during our decorations. So what are our alternatives in bookcase and shelf selection? With which models can I make my house look more decorative and preserve my books in the best way? What are functional bookshelves and shelves? You will find great examples of all of these questions in this article. Before shopping for shelves and bookshelves for the bedroom, study room, living room or even the kitchen, a look at these models will help you a lot in your choice.

Of course, the only way to add a shelf and a bookcase to a decoration is not to go and buy a bookcase from a furniture store. You can turn your items such as tables and old cabinets into a library with small renovations or you can have bookcases and shelves with very simple methods by adding niches or shelves to your walls. Especially if your walls have large and many niches, you can turn them into magnificent wall bookcases with simple shelves. In fact, if you use glass material as a shelf in the wall niches and make a simple spot lighting, you may have prepared a visual that will shine your room. Illuminated niches with glass shelves create eye-catching decorations both as shelves and bookshelves and as showcases. In addition, classic shelves made of wood, lacquer and metal can be used easily in every room and in every decoration. If you have a house that is not large, you can evaluate unused areas such as under the stairs by turning it into a stylish library with a few lacquered plates. Bookcases and shelves are the easiest side furniture to apply. You can create a small bookcase for yourself, even with details that you would never think of.
Library Use in Decoration
In recent years, the number of people who attach importance to decoration works has increased considerably. Libraries also find a large place in these decoration works. The preference of library models in decoration is due to both functionality and aesthetic stance. Bookcases in original wood color are generally indispensable elements of rustic decoration. Choosing a stylish, high quality and stylish wooden bookcase is extremely important in changing the ambiance of the decoration. Bookcases are not just decorative furniture to house books. At the same time, you can easily display your various frames, accessories and trinkets in these furniture. You can take advantage of many different wood library colors such as white, brown, black, cream color. The important thing is that other items used in decoration can match the color.
What Are Wooden Library Models?
It can be mentioned that there is a very wide scale among wooden library models. Among these models, besides designs that can be hung on the wall, there are also models that are positioned on the floor in the room. In addition to two-three-shelf or 5-shelf bookcases, wooden bookcases with cabinet details are also highly preferred. Choosing the most suitable model for individual use is of great importance in terms of the functionality of the libraries. For users who have a lot of books and want to create a library-style place for themselves, wall-to-wall wooden bookcases are the ideal choice. These bookcases are among the elegant details that increase the functionality of the work desk, including the drawers. Among the wooden library models, those that are mounted on the wall include those in round form, those in the form of a tree branch, square bookshelves, and many other alternative models.
How to Choose the Right Library?

When choosing a library, it is necessary to pay attention to what material it is made of. If you are thinking of making a warm and rustic living room or room decor, you need to choose from bookcases in wooden tones. The designs in which various geometric shapes are used in these libraries are always the details that attract the attention of the user. However, when making your choice, you should pay attention to the functionality of the library as much as the aesthetic stance. Its durability, how long it can handle you and many other details are among the factors that should be taken into account when choosing a library. When purchasing a library, most importantly, you need to pay attention to what kind of stance it will create in your space. For a small living room, instead of buying a huge bookcase, it would be a much better choice to choose a small wall bookcase that will not narrow the environment.
Multifunctional shelf furniture is one of the miraculous products of the design world. Many furniture in the multifunctional furniture group have a section that can be used as a shelf or a bookcase. To give examples of shelved furniture; Armrests can be counted as seats that can be used as a magazine holder or a bookcase, kitchen islands designed with shelves on one side, work tables with shelves on one side of the legs or middle tables designed with shelves. In addition to the main function of multi-functional furniture, having a compartment that can be used as a shelf and a bookcase is an important advantage in both decorative and functional terms.
What Are the Purposes of Libraries?
Although libraries are used to preserve books and stack them neatly, they can actually be used today for many different purposes. Sometimes you can take advantage of the bookshelves for the regular display of the frames that are the most beautiful representatives of memories or to display various tiny accessories. Particularly, bookcases with drawer details are extremely useful furniture for storing small items called trinkets. Quality, functionality and aesthetic stance are always among the issues that should be given importance in the selection of the library. When you consider these criteria, whether you are purchasing or producing a bookcase yourself, you will not have the slightest problem in decoration.
Corner wall shelves are generally a method applied by those who plan to use the whole wall as a shelf and bookcase. They cover the two walls completely with shelves, creating a huge bookcase. This method, which is frequently used in library and archive-like rooms, is also common in homes. If you have a great interest in books and you have a large number of them, you can make these corner wall shelves. This way, none of your books are exposed. You can illuminate it with spot or led exterior lights and apply it in the color you want.
When it comes to library, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic style wooden bookcase models. We all have a place in our home with its system leaning against the wall and wooden shelves. In addition to being useful and stylish, wooden bookcases are an easy-to-find model that suits any decoration. Wooden bookcases used for shelves, bookcases and showcases are among the indispensable furniture.
Design Your Own Reading Corner with Useful Libraries
Bookshelves are both useful and highly decorative furniture for those who enjoy reading books, have lots of books in their homes, and use them all over their homes. There are library models suitable for you and your home according to the structure of the houses, the decoration of other furniture, and the amount of books.
If there is enough space in their living spaces, it is very enjoyable for those who love to read to prepare a special book reading corner. Designing and designing the most suitable space for yourself while entering the magical world of books will help you get away from the stress and problems of daily life for a while.
When preparing a reading corner, the characteristics of the environment are important. If a reading corner will be prepared in the living rooms and living rooms, it is necessary to make appropriate choices for the decoration of that area. If a separate berjer or armchair will be used for positioning in that area, care should be taken to be compatible with other sofa sets and decoration.
When choosing the appropriate library model for your home, the features of the libraries should be examined. Having shelves with covers, shelf heights, and book capacity for the cabinet are among the factors that should be considered when choosing a bookcase.
If you have disproportionately sized books, notes, and textbooks, it is functionally important to have shelves with covers if it will cause the loss of the decorative feature in the library. You can position your books in bookcases with cover shelves in the sizes you need at the top or bottom of the library.

Books are usually placed upright in the library. Although classical book sizes are close to each other, the sizes of some books differ. There can be much longer books than other books. Shelves of the appropriate height should be found for these books.
In some bookcase models, there is a large difference in height between the shelves. When the books are placed in the difference, the idle distance may be too much. In this case, a bookcase model with insufficient shelf arrangement for your books is created. You should pay attention to the appropriate number of shelves in order to position your books in sufficient space. Especially if you have a lot of books, you should pay attention to the shelves in the bookshelf and the height between the shelves.
In some library models, the height of the shelves can be increased or decreased according to need. For those who want to choose a functional library model, they can choose the most suitable for them among the library models with adjustable shelves.
For those who want to use a library in their home decoration but do not have enough space, television units with bookcase are very functional and decorative. There are TV units with bookcase with many different model options. Books can be placed in the module under the TV, on the shelves on the sides or on the top of the TV, creating space for books and using books for decorative purposes.
The usage areas of the libraries are quite wide. Libraries are widely used for functional and decorative purposes in homes, offices, hospitals, dormitories, libraries, hotels and cafes. Recently, book cafes have become widespread and suitable areas have been created for reading books and drinking coffee between the tables placed between the books.
Library models suitable for all living spaces differ from each other. The needs of the environments should be evaluated and useful libraries with suitable features should be selected.
When choosing a bookcase for homes and all other areas, it is important that the bookcases are durable. In case of an earthquake or any impact push, it is important that the library is produced from suitable materials and with appropriate workmanship in order not to fall over. Especially for families with children, libraries are among the risk factor furniture. By fixing the bookcases, accidents that may occur can be prevented.
In order to design your own reading corner with useful bookcases, you should make sure that it suits your books, your own tastes, needs and your home. You should pay attention to the features of the furniture and accessories that will be placed in the corner you will create your own.
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Corner Tree Bookshelves, Unique Rustic Tree Bookcase, Book stand

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